Spiderman 2 - Sole Stunt Double for Alfred Molina - "Doc Ock"
Diary of a Mad Man by Alfred Molina
Wizard Issue 152

In issue 152 of Wizard Magazine published portions of a diary that Alfred Molina "Doc Ock" kept while filming Spiderman 2. Here is what he had to say regarding Ray on May 29, 2003...

The first take was odd. My experience, or lack of it, let me down as I landed and lost my balance, falling back almost as far as I had traveled. Sam made me laugh with his note about trying to look manlier. Ray Lykins, my trusty stunt double (and an uncanny look-alike) gave me a hint about landing with one leg slightly behind the other. The second take went better.

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Here is 'raw' footage of the Bank Robbery scene in which a huge table clobbers 'Doc Ock' (Ray) and throws him across the bank.
That is Scott Rogers, the stunt coordinator, asking 'You alright Ray?'

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click for larger image Rehearsing Pier Fight

Ray / Spidey and Scott Rogers (Coordinator), Rehearsing pier fight

click for larger image Ray Advising Alfred On The "Ock Walk"

Deli scene

click for larger image Ray Getting Alfred Ready For His First "Ock Walk"

Deli scene

click for larger image Ray Lykins And Alfred Molina

That's a wrap!

click for larger image Ray Lykins As Doc Ock - Pier Fight