Contact Information
  • Ray Lykins / Stunt Coordinator / Stuntman
  • Stunt Actor / Writer / Producer
  • Features, TV, Commercials, Videos
  • Santa Monica, CA 90405
  • Phone: (310) 922-3852
  • Website: www.raylykins.com
  • Email: raybo16@verizon.net
  • SIZES:

    Height: 6'1 1/2
    Weight: 190-200 lbs
    Coat: 46 L
    Shirt: 17-35
    Waist: 35
    Inseam: 32
    Shoe: 11 1/2


    iSTUNT.COM / STUNTPHONE (818) 769-1777
Resume - Film and Television Credits
 Title Year Credit  Position Description
 Shameless 2015 Television  Stunt Double : Jeff Kober
 Rizzoli & Isles 2015 Television  Stunt Actor / Phil Darrow
 My Father, Die 2015 Film  Stunt Performer
 Hot Pursuit 2015 Film  Stunts
 Escape the Living Dead 2015 Film  Stunts
 American Horror Story : Freak Show 2015 Television  Stunt Performer
 A Deadly Adoption 2015 Film  Stunt Double : Lead : Will Ferrell
 Phantom Halo 2014 Film  Stunts
 Lowdown 2014 Film  Stunts / Detective
 Fatal Instinct 2014 Film  Stunt Double Lead : Richard Burgi
 Bullet 2014 Film  Stunts / Cop
 Vegas 2013 Television  Stunts
 Return of the Little Rascals 2013 Film  Lead Stunt Double : Lex Medlin
 Gangster Squad 2013 Film  Stunt Performer
 Blood of Redemption 2013 Film  Stunts
 The Frozen Ground 2012 Film  Stunt Coordinator
 Transformers : Dark of the Moon 2011 Film  Stunt Performer
 Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol 2011 Film  Stunt Performer / Dubai
 Law & Order : Los Angeles 2011 Television  Stunt Double : Lead : Alfred Molina
 Haunte Couture 2011 Film  Video / Short / Web / Associate Producer
 Chuck 2011 Television  Stunt Performer / Hungarian # 8
 Abduction 2011 Film  Stunt Performer / Stunt Double : Alfred Molina
 The Exodus of Charlie Wright 2010 Film  Stunt Performer / Benny
 Red Dawn 2010 Film  Stunts
 Love Bites 2010 Television  Stunt Double : Lead : Greg Grunberg
 Ballistica 2010 Film  Stunt Performer
 A Walk in My Shoes 2010 Television  Stunt Coordinator / Lead Stunt Double / Driver
 1000 Ways to Die 2010 Television  Assistant Stunt-Coordinator
 Race to Witch Mountain 2009 Film  Stunt Performer
 Dark Moon Rising 2009 Film  Stunt Double
 Crossing Over 2009 Film  Stunt Driver
 A Beautiful LIfe 2009 Film  Stunt Coordinator / Fight Choreographer
 True Jackson: VP 2008 Television  Stunt Performer / Tex McCallister
 Pineapple Express 2008 Film  Stunts
 Journey to the Center of the Earth: 3D 2008 Film  Stunt Coordinator / Additional footage
 How to Be a Serial Killer 2008 Film  Stunt Performer
 Wedding Bells, The 2007 Television  Stunts
 Spiderman 3 2007 Film  Stunts
 Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End 2007 Film  Stunt Double: Mullroy
 I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry 2007 Film  Stunt Performer
 Little Hercules in 3D 2006 Film  Lead Stunt Double - Judd Nelson
 Serenity 2005 Film  Stunts
 Numb3rs 2005 Television  Co-Stunt-Coordinator - Stunts
 Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang 2005 Film  Stunts
 House : MD 2005 Television  Co-Stunt-Coordinator - (multiple episodes)
 Freddie 2005 Television  Co-Stunt-Coordinator - (multiple episodes)
 Dukes of Hazzard 2005 Film  Stunts
 CSI : MIAMI 2005 Television  Stunts
 Spider-Man 2 2004 Film  Sole Stunt Double : Doc Ock
 Down in the Valley 2004 Film  Stunts
 Grind 2003 Film  Stunts: punched clown
 Cradle 2 the Grave 2003 Film  Stunts
 Carnivāle 2003 Television  Stunts
 Swordfish 2001 Film  Stunts / Nominated , World Stunt Awards, 2002 (Best Speciality Stunt)
 Terror Tract 2000 Film  Stunt Coordinator / Car Driver - segment Make Me An Offer
 Ping! 2000 Film  Stunt Coordinator, stunt double: Judge Reinhold
 Perfect Storm, The 2000 Film  Stunt Double: John C. Reilly, 2nd Unit
 Magicians 2000 Film  Stunts / Police Officer
 Another Happy Tear 2000 Film  Stunt Coordinator
 Wasted in Babylon 1999 Film  Stunts
 Supreme Sanction 1999 Television  Stunt Double: Michael Madsen
 Stray, The 1999 Film  Stunt Double: Michael Madsen
 Practice, The 1999 Television  Stunts : multiple episodes
 My Favorite Martian 1999 Film  Stunts
 Hitman's Run 1999 Film  Stunts
 Green Mile, The 1999 Film  Stunt Double: Tom Hanks
 Being John Malkovich 1999 Film  Stunts
 Winchell 1998 Film  Stunts
 Vengeance Unlimited 1998 Television  Stunt Double, lead: Michael Madsen
 Species II 1998 Film  Stunt Double: Michael Madsen
 Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 1998 Film  Stunts
 Desert Thunder 1998 Film  Stunts
 BASEketball 1998 Film  Stunts
 Surface to Air 1997 Film  Stunt Double: Michael Madsen
 Sender, The 1997 Film  Stunt Double: Michael Madsen
 Mimic 1997 Film  Stunts
 Last Days of Frankie the Fly, The 1997 Film  Stunt Double: Michael Madsen
 Land of the Free 1997 Film  Stunt Double : Jeff Speakman
 Dogtown 1997 Film  Stunt Coordinator
 Ally McBeal 1997 Television  Stunt Double : John Ritter
 Profiler 1996 Television  Assistant Stunt Coordinator, stunts
 Primal Fear 1996 Film  Stunts
 Pretender, The 1996 Television  Assistant Stunt Coordinator, stunts
 Malibu Shores 1996 Television  Stunts
 Larger Than Life 1996 Film  Stunts
 L.A. Heat 1996 Television  Stunt Double / car hit
 Independence Day 1996 Film  Stunts
 Headless Body in Topless Bar 1996 Film  Stunt Coordinator
 Crime of the Century 1996 Film  Stunts
 Burning Zone, The 1996 Television  Stunt Double
 Arli$$ 1996 Television  Stunt Double, lead: Robert Wuhl
 Species 1995 Film  Stunt Double : Michael Madsen
 Escape to Witch Mountain 1995 Television  Stunts / Deputy
 Dirty Money 1995 Film  Stunt Coordinator
 3 Ninjas Knuckle Up 1995 Film  Stunts
 Soft Kill, The 1994 Film  Stunts
 Mask, The 1994 Film  Stunts
 Getaway, The 1994 Film  Assistant Stunt Coordinator, stunt double: Michael Madsen
 Father and Scout 1994 Television  Stunt Double
 Fallen Angels 1994 Television  Stunts
 Dead Connection 1994 Film  Stunt Double: Michael Madsen
 Body to Die for: The Aaron Henry Story, A 1994 Television  Assistant Stunt Coordinator, stunt double: Ben Affleck
 Blue Tiger 1994 Film  Stunts
 Beverly Hills Cop III 1994 Film  Stunts / Nixon
 Automatic 1994 Film  Stunts
 American Yakuza 1994 Film  Stunt Double: Viggo Mortensen
 Wild Palms 1993 Television  Assistant Stunt Coordinator / stunts
 Walker, Texas Ranger 1993 Television  Stunts / Benny Carl Devlin
 NYPD Blue 1993 Television  Assistant Stunt Coordinator, stunts
 Man's Best Friend 1993 Film  Stunts / KCBG Security Guard
 Hot Shots! Part Deux 1993 Film  Stunt Double: Richard Crenna
 Grumpy Old Men 1993 Film  Assistant Stunt Coordinator, lead stunt double: Walter Matthau, stunts
 Day My Parents Ran Away, The 1993 Television  Stunts
 Cyborg 2 1993 Film  Stunts
 Beyond the Call 1993 Television  Stunts / Officer Weevil
 Where the Day Takes You 1992 Film  Stunts
 We're Talking Serious Money 1992 Film  Stunts
 Wayne's World 1992 Film  Stunts
 There Goes the Neighborhood 1992 Film  Stunt Double: Jeff Daniels
 Renegade 1992 Television  Stunts
 Picket Fences 1992 Television  Assistant Stunt Coordinator, stunts
 Lawnmower Man, The 1992 Film  Stunts / Harold Parkette
 Jack's Place 1992 Television  Assistant Stunt Coordinator : stunts
 Under Cover 1991 Television  Stunts : multiple episodes
 Prayer of the Rollerboys 1991 Film  Stunts
 New WKRP in Cincinnati, The 1991 Television  Stunts
 Hot Shots! 1991 Film  Stunt Double : Lloyd Bridges, stair fall
 Dead Men Don't Die 1991 Television  Additional Stunts
 Dark Wind, The 1991 Film  Stunt Double : Guy Boyd
 Critters 4 1991 Film  Stunts
 Critters 3 1991 Film  Stunts
 Civil Wars 1991 Television  Stunts
 Blue Desert 1991 Film  Stunts / Mugger
 My Talk Show 1990 Television  Stunt Coordinator
 El Diablo 1990 Television  Stunts
 Coupe de Ville 1990 Film  Assistant Stunt Coordinator / Rick
 America's Funniest People 1990 Television  Stunt Coordinator
 America's Funniest Home Videos 1990 Television  Stunt Coordinator
 Night Visitor 1989 Film  Stunt Double: Elliot Gould
 Doogie Howser, M.D. 1989 Television  Assistant Stunt Coordinator, stunts
 Disorganized Crime 1989 Film  Stunts
 Checking Out 1989 Film  Stunt Coordinator, stunt double: Jeff Daniels
 Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure 1989 Film  Stunts
 Taking of Flight 847: The Uli Derickson Story, The 1988 Television  Stunt Double: Steven Eckholdt
 Night Before, The 1988 Film  Stunts
 Knots Landing 1988 Television  Stunt Double : Ted Shackelford
 Invisible Kid, The 1988 Film  Stunt Double
 Dead Heat 1988 Film  Stunts
 Critters 2: The Main Course 1988 Film  Stunts
 Born to Race 1988 Film  Stunt Double : Marc Singer
 America's Most Wanted 1988 Television  Stunt Coordinator, stunts - multiple episodes
 Valet Girls 1987 Film  Stunts
 Sweet Revenge 1987 Film  Stunt Coordinator, stunt double: Ted Shackelford and Martin Landau / 2nd unit director
 Survival Game 1987 Film  Stunts
 Private Eye 1987 Television  Stunts
 Mathnet 1987 Television  Stunt Coordinator
 Married... with Children 1987 Television  Stunts
 Dudes 1987 Film  Stunts
 Opposing Force 1986 Film  Stunt Coordinator: Philippines crew, stunt double: Tom Skerritt
 Matlock 1986 Television  Stunts
 L.A. Law 1986 Television  Assistant Stunt Coordinator
 KGB: The Secret War 1986 Film  Stunts
 Jake Speed 1986 Film  Stunts
 Hollywood Vice Squad 1986 Film  Stunts
 Hamburger... The Motion Picture 1986 Film  Stunt Double
 Boys Next Door, The 1986 Film  Stunts / Policeman # 2
 3:15 1986 Film  Stunt Double : Adam Baldwin
 Trancers 1985 Film  Stunts
 Re-Animator 1985 Film  Stunt Double: Dean Halsey and Dr. Hill
 Nightmare on Elm Street Part 2: Freddy's Revenge, A 1985 Film  Stunts
 Kicks 1985 Television  Stunt Double : Tony Geary
 Suburbia 1984 Film  Stunts / Hippie in car
 Savage Streets 1984 Film  Assistant Stunt Coordinator, stunts
 Running Hot 1984 Film  Stunt Coordinator, stunt double : Eric Stoltz
 Jessie 1984 Television  Stunts
 Fatal Games 1984 Film  Stunt Double
 Young Warriors 1983 Film  Additional Stunts
 Lies 1983 Film  Stunts
 Fire and Ice 1983 Film  Stunts
 Dukes of Hazzard, The 1983 Television  Stunts
 Deadly Force 1983 Film  Stunts / Guard # 1
 Bay City Blues 1983 Television  Stunts
 St. Elsewhere 1982 Television  Stunts
 Remington Steele 1982 Television  Stunts
 CHiPs 1982 Television  Stunts
 Cheers 1982 Television  Stunts
 St. Helens 1981 Film  Stunts
 Hill Street Blues 1981 Television  Assistant Stunt Coordinator, stunts
 Lunch Wagon 1980 Film  Stunts